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Control Cubicles
Sheet steel structure, totally enclosed, dust and vermin proof cubicle type, CNC machine fabricated out of 2mm CRCA sheet. The Panel structures are bolted as well as welded, duly chemically and acid treated and processed with powder coated.The Panels are fully compartmentalized, floor mounting type suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installations. All the doors and covers are fully gasketed to prevent any ingress of dust.
The control panel is complete with all accessories, instruments, component, circuit breaker and switches. The panel is duly wired and labelled.
Genset Control Panel
Standard custom-built cubicles are manufactured at United's factory. United also manufactures all types of Standard & AMF genset control panel, industrial control panels and control panels for varied applications.
Industrial Control Panel
Power Control Centres (PCC), Motor Control Centre (MCC) are designed to meet the requirements of modern engineering and process industries. These panels are manufactured in single or two tier configuration, fully or partially drawn out pattern to suit customer needs.

The power distribution board/ motor control centre / generator control panels maintain and verify a certified quality management system in accordance with EN/ISO 9001, and a certified environmental management system in accordance with EN/ISO 14001. We hereby declare of conformity of the following: Type tests in accordance with IEC/EN 60439 The compensations implemented in accordance with: IEC 60439-2, for capacitors EN 60831 compatibility level Class 2 in accordance with IEC 61000-2-4 Our Panels / equipments cover conform to the latest revisions of relevant Indian and International Standards some of which are listed below. IS 13947 1993 : General requirements of Switchgear and Control Gear for Voltage not exceeding 1000 / 1200V AC IS 11353 1985 : Guide for uniform system of marking Identification of Busbar and Terminals. IS 13703 1993 : Low voltage fuses IS 2705 1992 : Current transformers IS 694 1990 : PVC insulated cables for voltages Including 1100 V with Copper and Aluminum conductor). IS 1248 1983 : Direct Acting Electrical Indicating Analog IS 8623 1993 : Low voltage Switch gear & control gear assemblies IS 5082 : Electrolytic Aluminum Busbar, Trunking system, Rod tubes & sections for Electrical purposes. IS 13779 1999 : AC Electric Meters / Static Meters.

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