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Dulal Bose   Pradip Bose is the Chairman of the UNITED group. He has been instrumental in shepherding its growth by introducing innovation and professionalism. His vision enabled UMA to use its strength harnessing skill with technology to support his ability to take on challenging projects. He has provided the group a crucial and leading edge in the genset industries. Pradip approaches the business as a vast and open arena to be traversed with balance and precision. Pradip has played cricket since the age of fourteen, is interested in music, gardening and has a strong sense of aesthetics, the proof of which is the mud house that he has built in Santiniketan.
Dulal Bose   Arijit Bose currently heads the operations of United Machinery & Appliances and Captiva Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd as CEO and is engaged in providing services for addressing customer needs with enhanced efficiency. He has handled many projects in United Machinery & Appliances group while graduating from St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, so starting his practical training under his grand father and father. Arijit has spearheaded the Phase-I expansion plan of United Machinery & Appliances, which is the latest environment friendly technical facility for the manufacture of gensets. His dynamic personality, formal training in Family Managed Business Administration at S.P. Jain Institute, Mumbai and hands on experience has breathed new energy into the organisation. Arijit is a keen sportsman. He has represented his alma mater, St. James in hockey, rugby & rowing.
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